Annotate Images

1. Manual Annotation

Selct the image you want to annotate on the left panel.

Interact with the image to draw boxes that identifies at best your object.

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Make sure to give your object a class name on the right panel.

You can define the list of object class to detect by clicking on “Update Labels Names”.

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Once your annotations are complete, make sure to save them by clicking on the red “Save” button.

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2. Automatic annotations

You can automatically annotate you images by inference generic pre-trained models. We provide models pre-trained on:

  • MSCOCO (80 generic classes),

  • Fish detection (generic),

  • People detection and

  • Striga Seeds detection (Germinated/Non-Germinated Seeds and Seeds/Radical).

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Note that once you have pre-trained your own model, you can also infer your model on those images with the button “Inference”.

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Note that those automatic annotations will erase your previous manual annotations.